Photo:Anton Sager

Spectral Entanglements

With an ensemble approach defined by listening and interactivity, the album’s five tracks are completely improvised while retaining a strong, albeit abstract compositional backbone.

Evoking imagery of the coming together of different liquids or smoke dissipating into air, the trio employ the overtone series and natural harmonics to navigate their music by ear, moving between stability and feedback loops of tension.

The title of each piece brings forth an insight into the inspiration and mindset behind each performance: ‘Thistle Root’ contains a sense a of a deep underlying musical grid through which new ideas sprout, ‘Marbling’ is inspired by a visualisation of flow and disturbance, and ‘Zostera Marina’ is named after a type of sea grass that completely changes appearance at the mercy of the rising and falling of the tides.

Featuring an atypical bass-less trio lineup, the record’s sound is delicate, sparse and dynamic. Untethered by tonality and functional harmony, the listener is given a personal front seat to a conversational exchange of ideas and energy, underpinned by an aura of open-ness, emptiness and loneliness. credits releases November 24, 2023

Sven Dam Meinild | Alto Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute Jacob Anderskov | Piano, Prepared Piano Kasper Tom | Drums

All compositions by Meinild/Anderskov/Tom Recorded April 2022 in The Village Mix & Master John Fomsgaard Cover: Sven Dam Meinild

Supported by Koda Kultur