New Album Upwind Circles availible on CD/Download

Organic improv, poetic melancholy, composed frames investigating compositions of Sven Meinild and Paul Wacrenier. Jazz comes together with reminiscences of the folklore of France, Greenland, Japan and Denmark as well as inspirations from the vast Mongolian grasslands and the Pygmees vocal tradition. Upwind Circles is the debut album of the adventurous international quintet Living Things.

Living Things is an international Jazz Quintet. The music is a constellation of jazz, european tradition and various world music tradition, such as pygmee, tyrkish, african and chinese.

Living Things is a collaboration between Sven Dam Meinild and french Pianist Paul Wacrenier. Further more it presents the Polish talent Tomasz Dabrowski on Trumpet, as well as the rock solid and creative danish rythmsection Casper Rask on Bass and Rune Lohse on Drums