Photo: Kristoffer Juel Poulsen

JUJU ME’s musical universe, which might be called lo-fi pop, is propelled by Stine Steendorph Petersen’s somber sound and individual expression.  Their songs are filled with irony and cheeky distancing. JUJU ME is jointly inspired by bands like Talking Heads, Liquid Liquid, Beach House, and Broadcast. Stine’s vocal circles above palpitating electric guitars, edgy beats, and the dreamy drone of choir boys.

Together JUJU ME creates a universe that is spontaneous, oddly pop, and accommodating all at once, but also leaving a door open to the experimental and vulnerable….

JUJU ME is a newcomer consisting of an experienced and powerful team. The members have played with Lovespeed, Penny Police, Tårn, and The Asteroids Galaxy Tour a.o.

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Photo: Maria la Cour
Photo: Nynne Becker
Photo: Maria la Cour
Photo: Maria la Cour